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Old March 23rd, 2010, 11:49 AM
RPT Brown Thumb
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Default Queen Palm - success & failure details

The incubator picture can be seen on the Pygmy Date Palm posting. I followed the same “Baggy” method to germinate these. These did need to have the fruit removed, cleaned and soaked in warm water for about 2 weeks changing it twice daily. The fruit removal is a little more involved than the Med Fan seeds. I allowed the Queen Palm seeds to dry up a little (not completely) and not be mushy as mushy was difficult to handle during the knife process. I could start on one end and peel the coagulated fruit/skin off in thirds. These Queen Palm seeds are a little like bowling balls…most have 3 small holes (some 4) that allow the root to come out from. I used the point of the knife to lightly clean out each hole as I thought this trapped fruit would be that growth inhibitor I’ve read about. I did a final rinse with 5% bleach and water. If you were only doing a few, the manual method using a sharp knife would work fine. Once again, I went crazy and hand cleaned about 600 seeds. If there is a next time, I would use an old cement mixer with ¾ gravel with the fruit still mushy for easy removal and save my fingers from cuts and soreness. By January 22, 2010, I had only 1 seed start a root.

I realized that I really should have this seed in a 1 gallon container as I was worried about disturbing the root system, so by 3-20-2010, this Queen looks like this.

With only one seed sprouting right away and no other seed showing any activity, I’ve rewashed them, taken a .060 drill bit in a tap handle tool and cleaned each of the 3 holes out of any residual contaminant. Within days, no roots appeared but only a slight oozing of white material around 1 of the holes. Every time I see this, they’re dead. I seemed to have messed this batch up somehow. The seeds had just fallen and the slight waiting to clean the fruit is no longer than having the seeds shipped from stored inventory. Is 90 degrees too hot in the incubator? They never dried out and they weren’t sitting in too much water. I NEED YOUR HELP! These are supposed to be one of the easiest seeds to germinate.
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Old May 1st, 2010, 09:49 AM
RPT Brown Thumb
Join Date: Mar 2010
Location: Magic Mountain, So. Cal.
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It's a sad day........with growth continuing during the early days of April, I thought this guy might get there. In the last week, it appeared that growth had halted and a little brown started at the top. It continued to get more brown moving down the trunk. Finally, I softened up the soil with water and peeled away the mixture and root rot ate all the small roots to the base of the fat section where the trunk originates.

I've started over with taking all green seeds from a clump that has a few seeds turning orange. This is not to say that these are underdeveloped seeds, but just ready to appear ripe. Much easier to peel the fruit away. One batch, I have cleaned out the 3 holes and the other batch have been scraped clean to the outer portion of the seed and not disturb that meat going into the seed. I'm not sure this white material is that growth inhibitor or not. Cleaning, soaking, bleach, incubator is all the same...I guess we'll see.
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Old May 16th, 2010, 02:29 PM
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Default Germinating Palm Tree Tip

I use the baggy method as well. Seems to work to best and very easy to do. When I germinating lots of seeds I would let them root into the bag. Not were it is impossible to untangle with out breaking the tap root. I let about 3-4 inches of a tap root to develop before planting into a 2 inch cone or a 4 inch quart depending on the species. Sometimes what happens is the fungus starts to grow from out of no where. I cleaned and pealed the seeds. Soaked them for days. removed any other pulp or fruit left on the seed. Then I soak again in a cup or what ever I have and use a drop of bleach or even ammonia to kill any other fruit or bugs on them. So once all that is done I found a trick that has helped when germinating. Giving heat is with out a doubt needed and no light. Light maybe to create the heat, yes; but what has helped me was spraying the inside bag with a spray i made with water and banking soda. Banking soda is a easy way to stop growth of fungus or any kind of eating bugs from coming out from the wood works. Using a sterile medium to germinate seeds is a must as well. Pete moss or perlite or vermiculite. In a spray bottle i used about 2 cups of water to a teaspoon of baking soda.

Well I have seen your other postings and I will say you are doing very well with all that you are doing. I have been having lots of trouble trying to germinate Fiji Fan Palm seeds and Lipstick Palm Seeds.
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