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Old May 26th, 2010, 06:43 PM
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Default New Jersey Palm Trees

My cousin lives in New Jersey. What Palm Trees will do well in New Jersey. He moved from Florida and had lots of palm trees there. I want to fill his whole area with palm trees that can do well in New Jersey Year Round. I heard something about cold hardy palm trees doing well in New Jersey. Like a Windmill or European Fan Palm but I want something that will for sure not die. Something that will handle 5 degree weather. New Jersey gets really cold. He lives by the beach.
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Old May 26th, 2010, 07:27 PM
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Default Jersey Palms (New Jersey Palm Trees)

The Needle Palm is probably the best bet for New Jersey. The Windmill palm would do ok with some protection year after year until they get acclimated to the area. A long the shores of New jersey he should be okay with a windmill and then buy him some needle palms. Some banana's do well in the cold. What you can also get him is some indoor palms to sort of create a whole effect rather than just having them inside.
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Old May 26th, 2010, 08:49 PM
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Default Just came back from The Sands in Atlantic City

It was a blast, we got there yesterday morning and we just got back about an hour ago. They had large palm trees there but I did not know palm trees grew in New Jersey. I asked someone on the way out and they said they have them brought in.
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Old May 26th, 2010, 09:32 PM
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Default Palm Trees that live in New Jersey

Here is your best choices. Needle Palm, Waggie Palm which is the Miniature Chusan Palm and the Sabal Minor.

These all will do extremely well by the shore. A little protection for palms in general is a good thing.
SMILE. Someone is looking. Go Green. Buy Palms!
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Old May 27th, 2010, 08:37 AM
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Default what kind of protection would be good?

Are we talking about SWAT protection?
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Old May 28th, 2010, 10:09 AM
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Default Palm Trees in New Jersey??

No way? Really? Can Palm Trees live in New Jersey Well How bout New York. I have a sister there and I know she would probably love one.
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Old May 28th, 2010, 10:26 AM
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Default New York Palms would be great

Any one's that will work, let me know. I want to buy seeds of the palm and grow them myself. Thanks
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Old June 4th, 2010, 03:05 PM
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Default New Jersey Palms

thank so much to all of you in helping me find a good palm. What I did was go with two needle Palms for the outside patio garden. I also went with a bamboo palm for the inside and went with a Waggie Palm or however you name it for the outside. Who would have thought Palm trees in New Jersey.
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Old June 4th, 2010, 03:16 PM
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Default New Jersey Palm Trees NJ

I am glad you picked those palm trees. They will definitely make him happy. You may want to do the Sabal minor since it is native to Florida. I have seen lots of Waggie palms deal with snow with no problems. I recently went to Peru and they types of palms there were amazing. I felt like a new born full of curiosity and joy. I thought I was knowledgeable with palms but with there being over 2000 species I felt naive.
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Old June 5th, 2010, 10:43 AM
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Default Let me tell you why I love New Jersey

The main reason why I love New Jersey is because of the people below... The Nets are going all they way... and if Kiki can get his assistants up on the same level...UNSTOPPABLE!!!

2009-10 Roster
7 Tony Battie C 6-11 240 02/11/1976 Texas Tech 11
2 Josh Boone F-C 6-10 240 11/21/1984 Connecticut 3
55 Keyon Dooling G 6-3 195 05/08/1980 Missouri 9
17 Chris Douglas-Roberts F-G 6-7 210 01/08/1987 Memphis 1
34 Devin Harris G 6-3 190 02/27/1983 Wisconsin 5
44 Trenton Hassell F-G 6-5 227 03/04/1979 Austin Peay 8
22 Jarvis Hayes F 6-8 228 08/09/1981 Georgia 6
43 Kris Humphries F 6-9 235 02/06/1985 Minnesota 5
6 Courtney Lee G 6-5 200 10/03/1985 Western Kentucky 1
11 Brook Lopez C 7-0 265 04/01/1988 Stanford 1
1 Chris Quinn G 6-2 175 09/27/1983 Notre Dame 3
21 Bobby Simmons F-G 6-6 230 06/02/1980 DePaul 7
8 Terrence Williams G-F 6-6 220 06/28/1987 Louisville R
9 Yi Jianlian F 7-0 250 10/27/1987 Shenzhen, China 2

I like Yi too hes just overbearing everywhere...somewhat like Shaquille O'Neille but without the housemaking bricks.. New Jersey Nets baby!!!! and especially the New Jersey Nets Dancers!!!
Attached Images
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File Type: jpg Nets Girls at High School.jpg (95.6 KB, 1 views)
File Type: jpg Nets Girls Formal Wear.jpg (93.6 KB, 1 views)
File Type: jpg New Jersey Nets Girls.jpg (88.3 KB, 3 views)
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Old June 5th, 2010, 11:07 AM
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Default Hey ZAck

As Much as we like girls, we didn't need them on this thread. Thanks for the Roster though. Knocked out two birds with one stone today. Are you interested in Palm Trees that live in New Jersey? Or how about buying palm trees in new jersey?
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Old June 5th, 2010, 02:28 PM
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Default New Jersey is aweful to visit...

I went to New Jersey thinking it was going to be great living with my cousins, it turned out to be the most boring spot I have ever been to. I found myself constantly online talking with other people because it was so difficult to talk to anyone down there.

I never went to go see a basketball game because the tickets were 85 dollars a piece. My cousins and I did the only thing there was to do in New Jersey, waiting to go to New York City... That's pretty much where we ending up going, to the Big City. Now Manhattan is definitely a fantastic place to visit again and again..

I went into FAO Schwarz which had the coolest state of the art stuff that you can try out. I felt like a kid again. There was also a place called Barcode, I wont even start with that. Also, there's no pizza like New York pizza.. forget about it... they must put something into the pizza to make it taste that good. I asked the server or waiter and he said it was the water. I looked at him stunned, water... thats the secret, to make good new york pizza its the water...

Anyways, enough of my blabbering, New Jersey is only a resting spot for New York City... Thats my two cents... : )
Attached Images
File Type: jpg Broadway New York.jpg (94.5 KB, 0 views)
File Type: jpg New York City.jpg (74.0 KB, 1 views)
File Type: jpg New York Pizza.jpg (97.9 KB, 1 views)
File Type: jpg New York Pizza Slice.jpg (94.4 KB, 1 views)
File Type: jpg FAO Schwarz.jpg (88.6 KB, 0 views)
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Old June 7th, 2010, 09:42 AM
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Default I've lived long enough to know every city or state has something nice to it.

The top fifty reasons to go to New Jersey.

50 - The Borgata
A beautiful looking Casino!
One of the best casinos in NJ!
Located near the Southern Shore Region

49 - Delaware River Tubing
Time to relax and enjoy some New Jersey sun on top of a float down the Delaware River.
Located in Central NJ

48 - The Woolverton Inn
A great Bed and Breakfast in Stockton NJ
Located in Central NJ

47 - Wildwoods NJ
The best destination for the entire family. Sun, sand, and good times!
Located in Southern Shore Region

46 - Cape May Whale Watcher
Ever seen a whale then Cape May is the place to get up close and personal!
Located in Southern Shore Region

45 - Ocean City NJ
A resort for the entire family!
Located in Southern Shore Region

44 - Harrah's Casino and Resort - Best Pool
Known for its pool, Harrah's can be noted as a romantic destination too!!!
Located in Southern NJ

43 - Cape May NJ
The best Cape since the month of May a fantastic tourist destination!
Located in Southern NJ

42 - Jenkinson's - Point Pleasant
Walk on down New Jersey’s famous Point Pleasant Boardwalk.
Located in Shore Region

41 - Morey's Piers - Wildwood
Make sure to bring your fishing pole and some smiles. Morey’s Piers have strict fun requirements. No one can leave without having a good time.
Located in Soutnern Shore Region

40 - Jersey Shore Pirates
The Pirates of the Caribbean never made it up here to sail with some real pirates! Fantastic area for the whole family!
Located in Central NJ

39 - Minerals Resort and Spa
Just visit Crystal Springs and Resort Spa and start relaxing!
Located in Northern NJ

38 - Ocean Life Center
One of the newest places for Atlantic City, Ocean Life Center will amaze the entire family.
Located in Southern Shore Region

37 - The NJ Adventure Aquarium
Be careful not to go overboard on this adventure. There are real sharks in these waters!
Located in Central NJ

36 - Grounds for Sculpture
For those with some sophistication, Grounds for sculptures is a 35 acre park with a large museum.
Located in Central NJ

35 - Liberty Science Center
Science at its best, the Liberty Science Center, will bring you to unimaginable questions and answers.
Located in Northern NJ

34 - Mountain Creek Water Resort
Looking for water sports, look no further, Mountain Creek Water Resort has it all! Jet skiing, water skiing, and anything that includes water!
Located in Northern NJ

33 - Circle Line Statue of Liberty cruise
Reflect upon America’s prosperity boating to the Statue of Liberty! Leaving New Jersey without visiting the Statue of Liberty is a mistake. A must see!!!
Located in Northern NJ

32 - Hurricane Harbor
Slip and slide through New Jersey’s best water park. Open for spring and summer, no vacation is fulfilled without some watery fun!
Located in Central NJ

31 - Gillian's - Ocean City
You have heard of it before, Ocean City is the place to be for the whole family!
Located in Shore Region

30 - Rat's Restaurant
This is a great place to bring your loved one and make sure you book reservations at least on month in advanced for special occasions, they fill up fast!
Located in Central NJ

29 - Cowtown Rodeo
A rodeo in New Jersey? Yessir! Cowboys had to start somewhere!
Located in Southern NJ

28 - Wild West City
Just head North to see some fighting in the Far West! Gun-slinging is at its finest here in Wild West City. Just make sure to practice your aim!
Located in Northern NJ

27 - Princeton Art Museum Free Attraction!
An amazing collection of art without cost of entry. Make sure to bring your camera!
Located in Central NJ

26 - Funtown Pier - Seaside Heights
The name says it all, Funtown Pier, where fun is found in every corner! Don’t forget to stroll along the Boardwalk as well.
Located in Shore Region

25 - CoCokey Water Resort
The only year round water park in New Jersey. A must do in New Jersey!
Located in Southern NJ

24 - Space Farms Zoo and Museum
Do not, and do not, forget to bring a camera! This is the largest North American Wildlife collection in the world!
Located in Northern NJ

23 - Canyon Runner Sport Fishing
Charter some good times and fun with the Canyon Runner Sport Fishing expedition. Whether its luxury or just down and salty they can provide it all!
Located in Central Shore region

22 - Meadowlands Racetrack
Ready, set, and go toMeadowlands Racetrack and make sure to build up and appetite for their fine cuisine. Horse racing at its finest.
Located in Northern NJ

21 - Turtle Back Zoo
Bring your kids to a great zoo. Centrally located in New Jersey, its definitely a great place for families.
Located in Central NJ

20 - Historic Smithville
True American history, over 60 colonial shops in the heart of New Jersey Village.
Located in Southern NJ

19 - Rankokus Indian Reservation
A must see and must do, the Rankokus Indian Reservation will make you appreciate Indian Culture and society.
Located in Central NJ

18 - Battleship New Jersey
USS Battleship New Jersey, the best two hour tour of one of the greatest ships ever to have sailed out to sea.
Located in Southern NJ

17 - Whitesbog village
A wonderful New Jersey Village, small town big sprit!
Located in Southern NJ

16 - The Camdens Children's Garden
A special place for children and their imagination. The Camdens Children’s Garden is an interactive garden with over 4 acres to explore and enjoy!
Located in Central NJ

15 - The Ripley's believe it or not museum
Time flies when you’re inside Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum. At every turn, you will be amazed and shocked at the worlds craziest or weirdest artifacts.
Located in Southern NJ

14 - Keansburg Amusement Park
With Rides, Go Kart, waterpark, and much more, how can you not visit Keansburg Amusement Park and Runaway Rapids Waterpark.
Located in Northern Shore Region

13 - Liberty State Park - Ellis Island
New Jersey, the Garden State, will not be complete without a visit to the Liberty State Park to see the Statue of Liberty.
Located in Northern NJ

12 - Echo Lake Stables
Kids aren’t the only ones having fun on this adventure, Echo Lakes Stables is known for their nighttime horseback riding adventures. Twilight has nothing on Echo Lake Stables.
Located in Northern NJ

11 - Lazy River Outpost
Get your swim trunks and bathing suits ready! The Lazy River Outpost is a great place to relax floating down the Phillipsburg River on a water tube.
Located in Northern NJ

10 - Clementon Amusement Park
They say great things come in small packages and this can be said about Clementon Amusement Park, a look back at the famous Palisades Park.
Located in Southern NJ

9 - New Jersey State Museum
A visit to New Jersey cannot be complete with a visit to New Jersey State Museum. Easily one of the best museums in New Jersey.
Located in Central NJ

8 - Liberty Hall Museum
An old Museum with intriguing tours of the mansion and its early American history.
Located in Northern NJ

7 - BoBolink Dairy Farm
Bring the whole family including the dog to BoBolink Dairy Farm where animals and people are treated equal. A down to earth good fun vacation spot for the whole family!
Located in Northern NJ

6 - Morris Museum
Looking to find some artifacts, look no further, the Morris Museum in New Jersey has over 60,000 different artifacts and growing!
Located in Northern NJ

5 - Sayen Park Botanical Garden
Flowers, Palms, and rare species of plants can be found at the Sayen Park Botanical Garden. With its 30 acre manicured garden and estate, it’s a beautiful site to behold!
Located in Central NJ

4 - Land of Make Believe
Be part of a fairy-tale book, Land of Make Believe will place you into never-land without fairy dust to leave!
Located in Northern NJ

3 - Storybook Land
Welcome to the land of imagination with live animals. Be part of the story, not just read about it!
Located in Southern Shore Region

2 - Leaming's Run Gardens
The highlight of gardening is held yearly at Leaming’s Run Gardens. Hats and sunglasses would be advised and for those fair-skinned some sun-block.
Located in Southern NJ

1 - Northlandz
An unbelievable site, Northlandz is the largest miniature railroad in the world. So it’s your turn to be the conductor!
Located in Central NJ

So there you go, the best places to visit in New Jersey!
Attached Images
File Type: jpg Ocean City New Jersey.jpg (58.7 KB, 1 views)
File Type: jpg new jersey map road.jpg (8.9 KB, 0 views)
File Type: jpg New Jersey Welcome Sign.jpg (56.1 KB, 0 views)
File Type: jpg New Jersey Seal of the State.jpg (93.4 KB, 1 views)
File Type: jpg USS New Jersey Ship.jpg (93.0 KB, 0 views)
Save money while your young so you don't have to beg Later!!!

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Old June 7th, 2010, 10:37 AM
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Default New Jersey Palms

There is a lot of stuff here not pertaining to the main topic which is what palm trees will grow and do well in New Jersey. Not Hot Spots and Girls and other non related posts.
SMILE. Someone is looking. Go Green. Buy Palms!
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Old June 11th, 2010, 03:08 PM
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Default New Jersery Palm Trees

I totally forgot about one palm tree that would do extremely well if you live by the coast of New Jersey. The Blue Needle Palm Tree will do very well in New Jersey and will grow a trunk rather tall. I can't believe I forgot about that palm tree.

These palms can do well in pretty much any coast in America all the way from Florida, Georgia, Texas, Cali, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Conetticut. I know I left a lot of states but I felt you get the picture with the ones I mentions.

New Jersey Palms on the beach in Atlantic City get thrown away every year. They should replace them the Waggie Palm and Blue Needle Palm. They would save tons on palm trees.
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Old June 11th, 2010, 04:05 PM
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Default Those palm trees you gave for New Jersey? Jersey Palms

Would they also do well in Georgia? If they can do well in New Jersey I sure hope they do well in Georgia. New Jersey gets super cold. I visited Boston during winter and it is super cold. I can't imagine a palm tree living there. I never knew people would buy palm trees and then have them just die and replaced the following year. What a waist to have palm trees die year after year. I am kind of curious to see if in Jersey Shore the show if there were palms in any of the episodes.

Jersey Shore what a joke. Anyone agree?
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Old June 11th, 2010, 10:20 PM
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Okay for those that need some information regarding Jersey Shore, here it is, enjoy!

Jersey Shore is a reality television series on MTV that It follows eight housemates in Real World-type style while they live, work and party at the New Jersey Shore. The show was filmed in August 2009 in a summer share in Seaside Heights but was also filmed in other towns such as Toms River, Neptune and Atlantic City, New Jersey. The show debuted amid large amounts of controversy regarding the use of the words "Guido/Guidette", portrayals of Italian-American stereotypes and scrutiny from locals because the cast members are not residents from the area. The theme song featured in the opening credits is "Get Crazy" by LMFAO.

On January 29, 2010, MTV announced that a second season of the series consisting of 12 episodes has been ordered and will air in the summer.MTV announced that the second season would follow all of the first season cast as they "escape the cold northeast and find themselves in a new destination".The first half of second season was shot in the South Beach neighborhood of Miami Beach, Florida in May 2010 and then the cast relocated back to The Shore for the rest of filming. The second season begins on July 29, 2010.

The show examines the lives of eight young cast members living and vacationing on the various resorts along the Jersey Shore, more specifically the town of Seaside Heights. In exchange for living and partying in the shore house, each member of the cast is required to work shifts at a local boardwalk t-shirt store. Failure to comply with the ground rules set by their boss, who owns the shore house in which the cast resides, results in termination and eviction from the shore house.

MTV has focused its lens on various subcultures and rites of passage, uncovering a host of memorable characters in the process. With its newest series, Jersey Shore, MTV peels back yet a different curtain to follow eight young adults as they move into a summer share to indulge in everything Seaside Heights, New Jersey, one of the most popular summer hot spots, has to offer. Jersey Shore uncovers sometimes surprising, often hilarious and usually over-the-top personalities as they juggle work, love, nightlife, friendship and the drama that ensues. In the end, viewers see that there is more to these tan and buff individuals than hair gel.

So in regards to georgia landscaping's post... now you know whats hes talking about.
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Old June 17th, 2010, 10:35 PM
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Default New Jersey Palm Trees for NJ Coast

NJ palm trees. below.
You can mix and match these palm trees and make a beautiful landscape.

Windmill Palm Tree
Waggie Palm Tree
Needle Palm Tree
Maybe European Fan Palm
Pindo Palm
Mule Palm
Saw Palmetto

If you want a single stem palm trees then maybe go with something like a Windmill Palm or a Waggie Palm. If you want shrub palms then you can do the Needle Palms.

Mule Palms are new and are pretty cold hardy. Dont know to much about them but they are a mix between the pindo palm and the queen palm.

Lots of people in New Jersey and other cold states wills ell tropical palms only to die each year. If people were just a little more intuitive they would know what to buy and what not to buy.

Also Lowe's and Home depot in cold states like North Carolina, South Carolina, New Jersey, Georgia, New York, Maine, even in Canada will sell tropical palms for the outside like the Coconut Palm. I had a friend tell me that Home depot in his neighborhood was selling Coconut Palms. First Coconut palms can not grow indoor even with all the lighting in the world. Maybe in a Green House with good humidity and climate control. Other than that the palms will die every year and year after year Lowe's will sell them because they know people will keep on buying them. Guess its the way of the world.

Jersey Shore is a Joke!
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Old June 18th, 2010, 12:06 PM
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Default SO much Random information on New Jersey with Palm Trees

I feel like I just got downloaded with information. Information about Jersey Shore, which I did watch. Can't believe they have a second season coming. It was a joke but entertaining to see how childish even grown ups are. Well I wouldn't consider them grown ups. On the other Subject of places to go, that was interesting. Maybe in the future when I do visit New Jersey I will come back on this palm tree forum to make sure i have all those places written down.

Now back to palm trees. What LPN wrote is on the DOT!. Minus the Pindo Palm. Pindo Palm will most likely die in New Jersey.

DO the NEedle Palm and Waggie Palm. Your good to go with those two palm trees.

Needle Palm has been growing in New York for the past ten years experiencing weather down to -20 degrees F. The Waggie Palm is a bit more cold tolerant than the windmill palm tree and has stiffer leaves so you do not get the droopy affect from the leaves when snow or rain hits them.

I think they have the NEedle Palm and the Waggie Palm on here. Check out your local nurseries to see what they carry and bench mark prices. Prices on here are sometimes better than your retail garden center.

How are the BEaches in New Jersey? I heard you have to pay for entry to the beaches. So Dumb.
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Old June 18th, 2010, 02:58 PM
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Smile Do you any plants that would do good in the city?

I posted a thread about indoor plants in the city but does anyone here know about what plants would do good in the city? There are a couple of different choice I was looking into such as the ponytail palm, areca plant, and the bamboo plant... I think I like the Ponytail Palm the best. Its for a friend of mine that just moved into Manhattan into a small studio with just one window...

any ideas would be great, thanks.


jersey palms, new jersey palms, nj palms, palms new, palms nj

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