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Comparison Charts - USDA Zones and Palm Trees
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Knowledge Base - World Plant Cold Hardiness Zones
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Q to Z Comparison Chart Description: This tool is very useful in visualizing all palm trees which belong to your specific zone preference. In this chart you can contract and expand USDA Plant Cold Hardiness Zone columns, depending on your zone preference. There are 5 comparison charts, this is the final of five charts.
Common Names: Some popular common palm tree names found in this chart include, Ravenea Palm Tree, Majesty Palm Tree, Needle Palm Tree, Finger Palm Tree, Royal Palm Tree, Cabbage Palm Tree, Thatch Palm Tree, Queen Palm Tree, Windmill Palm Tree, Christmas Palm Tree, California Fan Palm Tree, Mexican Fan Palm Tree, Foxtail Palm Tree, Cardboard Palm Tree, and many more.

Q-Z Botanical Palm Names - USDA Zones Comparison Chart

  Zone 4
Contract Column
  Zone 5
Contract Column
  Zone 6
Contract Column
  Zone 7
Contract Column
  Zone 8
Contract Column
  Zone 9
Contract Column
  Zone 10
Contract Column
  Zone 11
Contract Column
Zone Temp-30 to -20 F-20 to -10 F-10 to 0 F0 - 10 F10 to 20 F20 to 30 F30 to 40 FAbove 40 F
Raphia australis - Kosi Palm Tree
Raphia farinifera - Raffia Palm Tree
Raphia hookeri - Ivory Coast Raffia Palm Tree
Ravenea glauca - Sihara Palm Tree
Ravenea hildebrandtii -