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Default Canary Island Date Palm Tree

Botanically known as the Phoenix canariensis it can withstand temperatures down to 25 degrees. How long was is it snowing for? It still looks healthy to me. I do see the tips browning which is most definitely a result of the snow and freezing temperatures. I would recommend maybe taking some precautions before it may snow again. Or before it may go below 30 degrees F. You can use a wrap made of any clothe material to wrap the trunk. You may also bundle the leaves together and wrap them up as well with any type of clothe. This can prevent future damages to the Canary Island Date. You can also spray the palm with liquid copper fungicide, this can help the palm leaves from damaging and turning brown. The most important part is the spear. The spear is the newest leaf that is visible or a leaf that is coming out of the middle, it may be small but it is the life line of the palm tree. There is nothing you can do to reverse the browning already done but you can prevent more browning by using liquid copper fungicide and maybe a heating lamp or flood lights to keep the spear from dying. Also wrapping the leaves together can keep the inside a bit warmer. Add some mulch to the bottom area around the trunk. This will also help from the roots freezing. How cold does it get?
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