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Default Well john you can. You have a trailer?

Here is the thing lots of these places wont sell to the public because they strictly do wholesale. Call RPT, They can give you wholesale prices if you are doing a pick up with out any business information. I told the friend in Texas that same thing. He just got them and he loved them. However he had his shipped. Ask for wholesale prices or a discount and they will give you something off.

Hey PathFinder
I think I may have called the wrong place but I called this thousand palm nursery in Cali. They didn't even know what I was talking about when I asked if they could get a canary island date for me. So I am still skeptical about how you got those palms at that price. Because if i went up to you and ask you how much you wanted for your canary palms you would most likely quote me a lot more than what you paid. I am still interested in what nursery you got them from, help a palm lover out. lol

Here is what google had on thousand palm nursery
Thousand Palms Nursery‎ - more info
31533 Calle Jessica, Thousand Palms, CA‎ - (760) 610-3652‎
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