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Default Some People Like Fake Palms

I see that their are a lot of artificial palm trees out there for sale. I prefer the real deal.
However everyone can get what ever suits their fancy. You get a kid a teddy bear that they can carry with them everywhere they go. if you gave them a real bear they would need to feed it and care for it. With artificial palms they will never die and you will never need to water or think about it. For me, I prefer to seek my reward with having a real live healthy tree that i did care for and showed it lots of love and my palm will reward me with green beautiful fronds that I made happen. Enough talk abut real v.s fairytale if you want a stuffed teddy bear animal that you eventually give to the goodwill after a cheap thrill go for the yard sales. I love yard sales but I also love nature. We are all in a day and age where we are aware of Global Warming and the affects. I say by encouraging our youth that planting one tree at a time and preserving the little bit of beauty this great earth still has, I rest my case. Real=Better Air =Happier Planet
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