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Talking sometimes plants take time to adapt to new environment

I've ordered some palms from here too, since its the only place that actually carries exotic specialties, but its typically a hit or miss sometimes. Because last year I ordered a fijian fan palm and it took a while to establish roots in its new planter and some of the fronds started yellowing. When the leaves started yellowing then I noticed new stems or spikes were poking out and the spikes then split to three pieces and before you knew it all the leaves were back green. That was last year, this year I ordered the ruffled fan and so far its stayed green and its been 3 weeks, so, it just depends on the new environment. Each plant is grown in different habitats and watering schedules and so forth, so when we recieve them, to help adjust, I typically spray the leaves for the first couple of weeks and let the water soak in that way, but on bottle palms you should let the soil dry out for at least a day or two, because its unique shape is the cause of its ability to have water rentention, so really the more dry to water days the bulgier the bulge will be... thats been my experience. My advice would be to give it two dry days before watering it again.
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