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Exclamation My thoughts are below.

Thank you for posting that article I was un aware of the capacity. I think we need to start educating our children on the damage that we and our for fathers have already created. Implement changes immediately. The only time to start is Now we cant take back the damage from the past but we can start to correct our future. I was taught about plants and the process of photosynthesis in 3rd grade but we really need to re-educate ourselves and possible preventions we can start to make. Recycling is a great start however I personally live in a South Florida gated community each home in this complex has a large green bin for our trash and a very small blue bin for our recycle. The green trash bin is collected 2 times a week while the tiny blue bin designated for recycle is only collected every other week once...

Think about that for a second..... The outcome is always the same my blue bin gets overloaded because about 89% of the items I buy are all recyclable materials and to keep the stray animals or whatever lurks in my yard after dark Out because I have to contain the overflow of my waste/recyclable items or else I will wake up each day to collect the pile scattered all over my mosquito infested (Humid) South Florida yard. To add insult to injury we were recently hit by hurricane Irma that only made things worse recycling trucks were delayed an additional 2 weeks so that gave everyone in my area alone over flows of recycle.

Its frustrating to say the least. Why is this happening? Every week I end up with no other choice but to put perfectly good recyclable materials into the trash I use so much effort just to throw it all away WAKE UP PEOPLE!
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