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Cool To Lowder Native

Originally Posted by Sugar Sand Beacher View Post
Just make sure to use a good mixture for soil, the rhapis like water but not standing water, as they rather enjoy times of hot humidity. They grow great here in Naples, so anything you place into the ground will grow
Originally Posted by Lowdermilk Native View Post
I am considering planting Rhaphis Palms down my side pedestrian path. As they are quite expensive, can they be divided from the pot to plant . The area is approx 10 feet long. Thanks
My new neighbor had his landscaper cut a bunch of rhapis straight down the middle and even in threes and they all are fine. They have not bushed up but they still look good. The issue he has is keeping them standing up, and after a big gust of wind they all tipped over so he ended up added fillers to help them stay up.
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