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Default What is the best fertilizer for the banana tree?

Originally Posted by IthinkIknow View Post
I myself would like to know the answers. I also live in Georgia, but not in the city of Atlanta, I live in Calhoun and I grow palm trees and all different types of plants and flowers and cacti etc.. but dont have any banana trees growing here. They are mostly water so the tendency to freeze is there. I would suggest using burlap and Christmas light to keep the banana tree from freezing. Maybe even use cotton or a soft fabric to keep it warm. But also maybe bringing it in would be a better alternative. And yes you can move them into a pot to keep them from freezing. The root system of the banana tree is relatively small compared to other palms and very tiny compared to trees.
Thats great that you live in Georgia and can grow palm trees. Okay that will be phase one of the Banana keep alive project! I might make an experiment out of the banana freezing. I will bring one inside leave one outside and the small ones leave in the front foyer area of my home. Any ideas about bringing them back to life? Also what fertilizer is best for the banana tree?
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