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Default There is a way to bring seeds/trees into the US legally...

I collect my seeds and trees while on vacation in tropical destinations. Here are the steps to bringing seeds and trees into the US legally:

1. After collecting you seeds you will need to remove the fruit from them and allow them to dry. Trees you will need to wash all the dirt from their roots.

2. Take you seeds/trees to the local department of agriculture for that country and they will inspect them for you and issue a pytosanitary certification, pyto cert for short.

3. Declare them when going through US Customs, show them the certificate, and presto, you have free seeds and trees.

Now I must warn you, technically you are required to have an importing permit, but they usually don't ask to see it. But you're better off just getting a permit from the beginning. It's free and really simple to get, it's just another step to take and it takes a few weeks to get. I got mine and it was worth it, the permit is good for 5 years.

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