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Lightbulb Artificial Palm Trees vs Real Palm Trees

I like (love) real palm trees but I wanted to give a chance to all the artificial palm tree lovers to state their mind and opinions. Comment here in this thread or cast your vote and let the world know!!! Be assured any palm tree lover is a friend of mine.


I also just wanted to state the original thread by treecutter below:
Many artificial palm tree suppliers would lead you to believe that real palm trees are high maintenance, when in fact approximately 90% of all real palm trees, are low maintenance. And most real palm trees can live indoors, which is another common misconception. Real palm trees, are also more aesthetically pleasing to the eye, being that they are the real thing. Whereas, artificial palm trees most of the time don't resemble real life features which are typically found in real palm trees. A primary example of these features are flowers and fruits. Spread the news... About Real Palm Trees!

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