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Default Real Palm Trees Is going to Have to Win.

If it doesn't i will be upset. Real palm trees has its ups and downs. As do artificial Palm trees. In an Interior decorators eyes, fake plants are a NO GO! Real Palm trees or real anything of that matter adds life to a place. By adding something that isn't real gives off a tacky feeling. It also collects dust and is harder to clean. When having a real palm tree the only maintenance depending on the tree is sufficient lighting, fertilizer, watering and the occasional clipping of the leaves. Other then that, thats pretty much it. With an artificial palm tree. You may not have to do as much in the mean while but in the long run, they collect dust, and if anyone knows about cleaning dust of leaves. Its not easy. Artificial palm trees do not filter the air you breathe. Some if not all palm trees take in some CO2 and filters it to the oxygen we breathe therefor giving us a cleaner environment free from dust and the occasional sneezing. The list goes on but My vote went to the Real Palm Trees.
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