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Cool lol, I had the same problem earlier

I actually ended up losing two Lipsticks that I bought from a hole in the wall nursery. I also paid alot and thought it would be better buying from a nursery then from this nursery, and I was wrong. Anyways, I bought a 2ft lipstick back in march from here and it was red in the beginning then during summer the red turned red/green, now the red is back and it grew like two feet over the summer and a bunch of small little palms as well. I removed the small palms and was able to make a couple planters with them... long story short I think they turn red and green, I wouldnt fret though...everyone that comes by my home always compliments me on the palm and wants to know where I got it from. I first saw it in Costa Rica and fell in love with it and then I am able to tell them all about my trip to Costa Rica, its a fantastic conversation starter.

During the time I had it I called them and they said just make sure it has fertilizer and put the lipstick palm in a semi shaded area or filtered light area... The more shaded the area the more deep dark green the fronds get. The palms I have in the more sunnier area have a lighter green frond.
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