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  1. Nasa clean air study- Best Indoor Plants and Palms
  2. 15,000 scientists in 184 countries warn about negative global environmental trends
  3. Pools and Palm Trees!!!
  4. Singer tries to get our attention on environmental awareness
  5. El Paso Palm Trees, Buying Palm Trees
  6. Photography in Everglades
  7. Use Plastic Bottles, again and again...
  8. (Snow in New Orleans Reprise) Date Palms in Snow
  9. Science News Date Palm Genome Drafted
  10. Palm tree arsonist granted bail
  11. Self destructing palm tree found in Madagascar
  12. 70 palm trees burn in Chandler neighborhood
  13. Palm Tree Kills Tree Trimmer
  14. Latest in Environmental news!
  15. Farmers fight palm tree pests in Wadi al-Jadid
  16. Article: Pygmy date palms suffer in heavy rain seasons
  17. Preservation Foundation expanding coconut palm tree campaign in Palm Beach
  18. Plam tree in Iowa, CraZy
  19. Palm trees are becoming more Popular.
  20. Botanists Discover Giant Self-Destructing Palm Tree!
  21. Mites in Miami!
  22. Palm Tree in the way
  23. 2,000-year-old seed
  24. L.A. replacing my palm trees with natives oaks UGH!
  25. New Species of Bird.
  26. Two women fight to save world's biggest lake
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