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IthinkIknow March 20th, 2009 09:09 AM

Landscaping with Palm Trees
Is as easy as one two three... first get a sheet of paper. Then draw icons that represent a palm tree and think of the paper as your area which you are using for your landscape. Next, let your imagination do the rest. Start the landscaping with palm trees which you love then use palm trees that are large and so forth until you have your idea on a piece of paper. This will save time and money and hassle. Each palm tree grows as different heights and you want to make sure one of the palm trees will not appear to overcrowd an area.

Once you have your ideas on a piece of paper go ahead and ask opinions from people and see what they think, this is always the best way of finding out if it is really going to look good or not. Well good luck and if you need anymore help just post it...

IthinkIknow October 4th, 2010 06:43 PM

Another Landscaping idea...
I recently picked up some drip line hose from a local hardware store that was on sale. I got it for 4 dollars and got some spikes to hold it down for around 3 dollars, all together a basic irrigation system cost 7 dollars, then tack in the timer 10 dollars and now you have a state of the art irrigation system! 20 bucks and water bill will be less and the palms will look better since the water is hitting the roots and not be sprinkled on by the sprinkler system.

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