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underwood2 June 19th, 2010 01:39 AM

Panama City Florida Landscape Design
I live in Panama Florida. I am trying to do my landscape. I think I got in over my head. HAHA. It's actually a little bit funny. I wanted big massive palm trees in my yard since I live well in a pretty large home. I am a do it yourself type a guy and like to do things myself and the way I want to. Well I started to dig holes in my front yard thinking I was going to get these big palms from a local nursery. Well turns out after I dug these hug holes and went to the nursery in Panama that the ones I though were on sale, weren't. I figured everything was for sale when you own a plant nursery. Guess not. Well I wanted to have the palm trees any way. So I told the owner I would buy them from him. They were pretty big palm trees. I don't know much about palms but they looked amazing in front of his nursery. So I said would 600 do it for him for both of the large palms. When he heard what I offered he turned to me and laughed. He said "son if you only knew how much these are worth" I said to myself "Kmon they are dam palm trees, they are every where"

Well I thought to myself I make more than this guy does in a year. So as big headed as I was I said I will buy them for 2,000 for both. He laughed again. Now I was a bit upset that he wouldn't sell them for that kind of money. It turns out the Palm trees I wanted were 400 dollars per foot of wood or something like that. This Palm tree was at least 40 feet tall.

I have a three story house. I need a palm tree that large and not some little palm shrubs you can just get at homedepot.

Now I have these large freakin holes in my yard with no palm trees. I found this place and it goes along with his story with 400 per foot of wood, trunk, what ever. I haven't called real palm trees yet but wanted to know if anyone knew more about this palm tree. The nursery owner mentioned it was called a canary island palm. Something like that. I did a google search and same it is Canary Island Date Palm Tree. That is what I want and I want it at 35+ Feet. So if anyone can help and point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated.

I wouldn't mind some other large palms too. I do not know much about palm trees and which ones do better in Panama. I don't want them to die and then have to take the palms back out and hunt for new ones. I would appreciate a reference to a good palm tree seller or grower or nursery. October 10th, 2010 11:25 PM

palm trees
a consistent name list for palm trees would be nice for panama city/citybeach fl....good luck, temp hardiness is important

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