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Palm Guru December 4th, 2010 10:02 PM

Real Palm Trees Gift Cards are now available!
First we at RPT would like to thank all those palm tree huggers who have made this world a little greener, whether it has been your time invested in the garden, your landscape, or just your usually conversation about topics related to recycling, climate change, deforestation, and so forth. We can all help our environment by spreading the word about Green-minded issues and continue our education for ourselves and for our family and friends.

Last year, Reals' Nursery went to a paperless system integrated with our partners UPS, Fedex, Cisco and and many other companies dedicated to lessening their carbon footprint. We are proud to say that 95% of all material used for shipping and packaging is from Recycled Material or Post Recycled Material and we are dedicated to improving that percentage.

This Holiday Season, we continue to donate to our local charity organizations and have changed the lives of many Indigenous Tribes in South America along the Brazilian Basin with the help of The Rainforest Foundation. This help has save thousands of rainforest acres through such organizations as World Land Trust and The Nature Conservancy. Please take a moment and visit these wonderful active charities and give back to your local community and help others who have less. It's always better to give then to receive.

We have made it even easier this season to make people aware of their environment and to spark up conversation on plants, palms, and indigenous areas by implementing the Reals' Nursery Gift Card which can be used throughout our three different stores -,, and The Gift Card is an easy way to give a lasting gift to that special someone, and with three different stores to choose from, we are sure it will please even the faintest at heart. It creates an arena for, not only thankfulness, but an opportunity to show the minimalistic pleasures of purified healthy air given off by trees and plants. It is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

As another year goes by, how many days or hours or minutes were used to help our delicate ecosystem? Change begins gradually and we invite you to help our Earth become a little greener! Thank you so much for your time and Happy Holidays to everyone and may we make this a year to remember!

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