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Old October 3rd, 2018, 02:42 AM
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Default BeardGrooming Tips: How to Maintain an Awesome-Looking Beard

BeardGrooming Tips: How to Maintain an Awesome-Looking Beard

OK, so youíve grown the beard youíve always dreamed of and perhaps even paired it with a great-looking mustache, other men are impressed and life is good. But it doesnít end there.In fact, the next step Ė maintaining your awesome look through proper beard grooming Ė is just as important. Itís like owning a really nice car. Once you have it, do you neglect it through poor maintenance? Do you forget to wash it for months on end? Of course, you donít. The following is a complete guide to how to maintain a beard. We break it down for you while providing the fundamentals of combing, brushing, washing, styling your beard, and more. Time to get serious, men.

Caring for Your Beard
A lot of growing a beard revolves around properly taking care of it. You can care for your beard throughout the day with beard oil and balm. You can train the hairs with a boar bristle brush and a comb. This will also help spread the natural oil you produce, sebum, throughout your beard. You can use scissors to trim down your beard and mustache, and also get rid of split ends. Keeping it clean is as simple as using beard wash and softener a few days a week.

Beard Oil
Typically, you want to apply beard oil once a day right after you hop out of the shower. Putting oil on right after youíve been in water might not sound right, but it actually is! If you take a warm shower, itíll open up your pores and hair cells, which allows the oil to be absorbed more effectively than it would have otherwise. Just make sure to pat your beard down with a towel before applying it, as this works best with damp beards, not soaked ones. Depending on the size of your beard, you may need to use a few more drops for major coverage. Huge beards may need 7 or 8 drops, whereas smaller ones may only need 3 or 4. Our 1oz containers may seem like a small amount, but since youíre only using a few drops a day, it should last several months!

Utility Balm
Beard care is constantly evolving. Products are appearing that have never been seen before, such as beard balm (also known as beard butter, beard cream, or beard wax). Itís still pretty new, so a lot of people may not understand what it is. A balm can be broken down into two different functions: conditioning and styling. First, we'll talk about our conditioning Utility Balm. Our Utility Balm also functions as a leave-in conditioner, similar to beard oil. Since they have the same function, it isnít necessary to use both. Check out this article to see which one is best for you. A balm is going to be a little bit heavier than a beard oil, but will provide a longer-lasting conditioning effect as a result of its heavier texture. You should apply it once a day, around the same time youíd apply an oil. Right after a shower is always best for applying moisturizing products because your skin and hair are more receptive to nutrients. If you have a special evening planned, you can apply a small amount again just before you go out.

How to Use Utility Balm
For most beardsmen, a nickel's worth of balm will suit you just fine. If youíre hesitant, then always start with less (a little of this stuff goes a long way) and add more if needed. Our Utility Balm is made from natural ingredients that melt and solidify at varying temperatures, so sometimes the texture can be a bit grainy. Don't worry - that's totally normal! Start by rubbing it between your hands until the grains dissolve, then work it through your beard and onto your skin. Not all of it will come off of your hands, so it's encouraged to put the excess in your hair or on dry spots of your skin. Utility Balm isn't only for your beard - its deep conditioning effects apply to your hair and your skin as well.

Beard Tools
Taking care of a beard isnít only about making sure itís clean and moisturized. Sometimes it can grow in strange ways, different directions, or maybe just wonít cooperate. Thatís when you can look to some of our helpful tools to train, trim, or guide your beard to be exactly how you want it. The essential tool thatís important to keep on you or near you is a comb.

1) Beard & Mustache Combs
Our cellulose acetate combs were designed to prevent breakage and snagging on your beard. The combs are made in a little-known way: the shape is cut out of an acetate sheet, then the teeth are rounded off with a sanding stone. This makes the teeth tapered and smooth for maximum comfort while combing your beard. We also have smaller combs that are designed specifically for your mustache, as well as pocket combs that have both narrow-toothed sides and wider-toothed sides that are great for combing your beard or mustache on the go. Our standard-sized comb is meant to be used at home. It has the same components as the pocket comb, but it's larger to give you more control. It should be used when you have more time to focus on your grooming routine rather than on the go. Using these combs can really help spread products through your beard evenly and effectively. Whether you use beard oil or balm, the comb makes sure each of your beard's hairs gets coated with your preferred product.
2) How to Comb Your Beard
Every man instinctively knows how to comb his beard, right? Itís like weíre born with the ability to run a comb through our glorious mass of facial hair. Wrong! After all, combing your beard does involve employing specific techniques to make the most of your grooming experience. Your comb should have both wide and narrow teeth arrangements. The wide teeth are for your beard Ė which is obviously thicker Ė and the narrow teeth are for your mustache. Begin by holding your beard comb so that the teeth are pointed upward. Use a relaxed grip Ė like you use your toothbrush Ė so that you maintain the necessary amount of control while youíre combing. Next, comb out the beard with an upward motion to ďfluffĒ it away from your face. The goal is to separate the hairs of your beard so you can more effectively get rid of the bed-beard look. Just a heads up Ė youíre more than likely going to run into snags during the combing process. Snags arenít necessarily knots in your beard, but are the result of individual strands of hair growing in different directions and crossing over one another. When you come to a snag, donít try to force it out. Instead, gently pull it out with your comb. Remember, this isnít a race. There are no bonus points awarded for combing your beard faster than the next guy. After youíve combed your bed-beard out layer by layer, comb it back down into the desired shape. You can even use your hands and some product to apply the finishing touches after youíve combed it down.
3) Boarís Hair Bristle Brush
This is no ordinary, run of the mill brush. There aren't any plastic bristles to snag your beard and pull out your hair. A boarís hair bristle brush is made from, well, a boarís hair. Itís great for training your hair to grow in the direction you want, and provides a ton of benefits to your skin and hair. The bristles have a scaled texture that is perfect for sweeping away dust and grime, evenly distributing the oil of your skin, and stimulating circulation in your scalp and face.
4) How to Brush Your Beard
You really donít need to use a beard brush more than once a day. The best times to brush your beard are first thing in the morning to combat bed-beard, or when you're styling it fresh out of the shower. Brushing it first thing each day will loosen any grime, dirt, or dead skin cells lodged in your beard from the previous day. Like using a comb, you start by brushing it ďout,Ē but if you have a shorter beard Ė say, around a half inch Ė itís simply a matter of brushing it straight down and training the hairs to grow in the direction you want them to. You can even use your beard brush on your mustache.
Here are some important notes about brushing your beard:
a) Be careful when using a brush on a short beard, because you can irritate the skin. If you have a stubble beard or only a couple weeks of growth, brush less frequently until you've grown it out some more.
b) Brushing acts as a natural treatment for your beard because it helps distribute your skinís natural oils evenly throughout your facial hair.
c) Daily brushing helps to soften facial hair.
d) Brushing helps add volume.
e) Although there are benefits, too much brushing can create split ends, damaging the facial hair youíve worked so hard to grow.
5) Scissors
Scissors can be a valuable tool in your beard arsenal. They're not for removing your beard or making huge adjustments on your own, but rather for trimming and shaping it up. We know that the first cut is the hardest, but after that just stick to your plan and youíll be good to go. You may worry that home trimming wonít turn out well about halfway through, but you can always reshape it with your trimmers or get it touched up at the barbershop.

Cleaning Your Beard
1) Beard Wash
You do not need to wash your beard every day Ė that'll dry it out! We recommend washing your beard about 2-3 times a week, but you can do it more or less depending on your body chemistry and how active you are. Facial hair has a coarser, unique structure when compared to the rest of your hair, so using a specially designed wash is necessary to keep it healthy and clean, without damaging your hair or skin. Using regular shampoo will dry out your beard and skin Ė causing it to become brittle and break while your skin flakes. Beard Wash cleans the beard hair and the skin underneath without using the harsher chemicals that one might see in a commercial shampoo from a drugstore. We've formulated ours to work specifically with your body's natural biology, so it's gentle enough for regular use but strong enough to keep your beard fresh and thoroughly clean.
2) Beard Softener
Our Beard Softener is a paraben, silicone, and sulfate free answer to everyone who needs a reliable conditioner for their beards. Beard softener is used just like hair conditioner - let it sit in the beard while you shower, then rinse out before drying. This brings essential hydration back to your skin and hair, which can be compromised depending on how active you are or how often you need to wash your beard

How to Use Beard Wash & Softeners
Applying beard wash and softener is an important part of your beard-grooming regimen, and your beard will thank you for it. Beard wash takes a kinder, gentler approach to cleaning your facial hair than the regular shampoo you use on your scalp. It has milder ingredients that make for a gentler lather than you might expect. To apply beard wash, simply put a small amount in your hand and rub it directly into your wet beard in the shower. You donít need to apply it every day unless you work in an occupation (construction worker, etc.) in which dirt and grime get into your beard daily. If you spend most of your day in front of a computer, then a daily beard washing isnít necessary, unless you spill your lunch and dinner on it (hey, it happens). Once you've rinsed that out, apply softener thoroughly to your beard. Let it sit in your beard for a few minutes while you continue your shower, then rinse it out just before you finish. Leaving softener in your beard for a few minutes makes a world of difference in enhancing its conditioning effects.

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Old November 7th, 2021, 02:00 PM
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