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Old August 9th, 2021, 06:04 AM
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Default Feeling lonely as a teenager?

This fear has primitive roots, because many years ago a person, left alone, could not survive. Similar feelings are taking place now. Isolation can be perceived as a lack of love, attention, as a lack of connection with people, with the world.

Adolescence is the age of disorientation in oneself. Conflicting feelings and emotions prevent you from thinking rationally. Children aged 11-17 are characterized by weak self-control, emotions overwhelm them, and in this state they are able to do a lot of stupid things.

The child, faced with this feeling, experiences fear, resentment, feels disconnected from others. The inability to understand oneself leads to the conclusion that others will not be able to understand his inner world either. This means that you should not try to establish connections with family and friends.

That is, loneliness can be harmful to the psyche of an adult person. If it carries only negative emotions, if it is forced, because of mobbing, rejection of oneself, inability to find one's place.

However, loneliness in adolescence can also be useful. It is at the age of 11-17 that a person has to analyze his feelings very often, learn to cope with emotions. Therefore, if a teenager voluntarily retires, avoids communication for some time, this is not bad. The main thing is that such a state does not drag on.

Growing up is always a meeting with your inner world. During this period, self-awareness is formed, and deep thoughts about relationships with peers, adults, their place in the world are necessary for development and self-awareness. Naturally, you can only do this if no one distracts you. Therefore, loneliness can also be a normal state. It is important for development, self-awareness.

There are different types, you need to pay attention to this:
Short-term-negative emotions appear occasionally, time passes and everything gets better. Adult intervention is not required.

Situational is associated with certain changes. For example, a quarrel with a friend, moving. A person can experience such changes himself, but sometimes help does not hurt.

Chronic is the most dangerous. It can cause depression and suicidal thoughts.

The constant desire to be alone, the lack of contact with peers may indicate that there are certain problems. Perhaps the child can not cope with them on his own. So, he should be helped.
The reasons for loneliness can be psychological and physical.

Psychological: the
search for a new place in life and society, the development of a new concept of "I";
high or low self-esteem;
high expectations from yourself, friends or parents;
family relations if an adult son or daughter sees scandals, violence in the family, then he is convinced that communication only carries a negative. Therefore, he deliberately avoids communicating with others;
rejection by a social group, the absence of people who share the interests of the child;
unrealistic ideas about friendship, love;
lack of trusting relationships with parents frequent criticism, excessive demands, rejection of the child as an independent person;
And the physical reasons are as follows: a
forced change of residence if it happened without prior preparation;
unexpected changes in the family for example, the divorce of parents;
loss of a loved one.
Even one reason can lead to a similar condition. If there are several of them, the situation becomes complicated.

For example, moving to another city, a new school where classmates are not accepted into their group. Or a teenager of non-traditional ***ual orientation has realized his difference from others, and family relations leave much to be desired. Of course, the problem is getting worse.

Why do I feel lonely and unnecessary?
Adolescence is a crisis period when your body and your psyche change so quickly that the body does not have time to cope with it and therefore experiences severe stress. It becomes difficult for you to manage emotions, to experience negative feelings (pain, despair, sadness), to cope with life's difficulties. Even small troubles are seen as a disaster that cannot be eliminated. And if a lack of understanding on the part of others is added here, or, even worse, violence physical, psychological or ***ual then the feeling of worthlessness, loneliness, rejection only increases.
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