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Palm Tree Community Rules
Forum Rules
In order to proceed, you must agree with the following rules:
Palm Tree Community Forum Rules & Guidelines

Thank you for visiting the palm tree community, brought to you free by supporters of RPT for green awareness. This forum was developed in response to a public demand for a communication platform on which environmentally conscience groups and individuals including plant enthusiast, mainly focusing on palm trees can express their views publicly. Our main purpose here is an attempt to create; an informative and educational platform; to create constructive debates; promote proactive green awareness; and other very important issues which affect our lives today. Please, take a moment to review all the rules and guidelines before you get started.

For some people, most internet and/or forum "terminology" may sound foreign, these rules and guidelines require you to have an understanding of these terms mentioned, hereafter. If you would like to cancel the registration at any point, please click here to return to the forums index. If you proceed, than you have an understanding of these "terminologies." If you have read this policy in it's entirety (please scroll down), and you agree to these terms please check the 'I agree' checkbox and press the 'Register' button below.

Common Sense Rules
  1. No slandering or harassment of anyone or any entity of any kind. Best rule of thumb- if it sounds like slander or harassment, than it's not allowed here.
  2. No hateful or prejudice remarks on this forum; which includes but not limited to racial, handicap, culture/creeds, opinions, sexism and alike principles. Best rule of thumb- if you or another member questions this rule, than it's not allowed here.
  3. No spamming; Best rule of thumb- if it's sounds like spam, than it's spam, and it's not allowed here. For more information on spamming please visit Spamming for more informaion.
  4. No vulgar language, no nudity, no obscenity, no profanity, no violence, no bigotry, no violating any applicable laws, or intolerance of  these rules will be tolerated here.
  5. International spoken languages/dialect are not exempt from these rules and guidelines; please use Google translate or other means to translate these rules and guidelines.
  6. Respect of other members, in all aspects, is critical in this forum; we require each member to exercise caution and use their best judgment when communicating with other members in this forum. "Without respect for one another, we lose all forms of civility".
Forum Posting Rules
  • Advertising - Only certain advertisements are permitted in signatures, please read "signatures" below for further details. Contributing helpful post on this forum is one of the determining factor in which you may be permitted to advertise, elsewhere. We do not consider spamming as a form of advertising; spamming will not be tolerated as an excuse for advertising.
  • International - For international speaking community, you must post in the international forum when communicating in another language; only English postings are allowed in all other forums.
  • Post Relevant Information - All post must be relevant to the category, thread and/or topic it relates to. If you feel the topic deviate from the original category, than search for the topic in question, and if it hasn't been posted, you can than start a category and/or topic (thread).
  • No Identical Post - You can not post an identical topic (thread) which has already been started elsewhere. Use the search feature in the forum to search for similar topics.
  • Appearance of Forum - No disfiguring of post by use of, but not limited to excessive quoting; no excessive use of smilies (emotions); no excessive use of different fonts on same post; and no shouting (full capitalizing), for example "I HAVE THE ANSWER."
  • Answering Post - When answering post, try to be descriptive and provide evidence, test, experiences, etc..
  • Starting a Topic - When starting a topic (thread), be descriptive on your titles so your topic can be better understood by other members. And please use your best judgment when creating a new topic.
  • Avatars- Custom avatars are given to you as a privilege, so please use your best judgment on choosing an appropriate avatar. It is better to get permission than forgiveness. If you are questioning the avatar, please consult with a moderator for approval, or use one of our pre-selected images.
  • Signatures - Your signature can contain non-profit or for-profit advertisement geared towards the green community or alike. You may also use your signature to promote "your" site, blog, or store; as long as it's non-obtrusive and environmental in nature. Certain advertisement may not be permitted, and will be reviewed, per basis. Use of custom images in signatures is encouraged, but will need approval by moderator, for message and overall appearance.
  • Custom Public Profile - Some features for the custom public profile have been disabled for all new members, a moderator will be happy to reinstate them, and provide you with custom privileges to fit your needs.
Moderation, Enforcement, and Reinstatement Process
  • Moderation - Each forum category and it's posts will be monitored for policy adherence, by either a moderator or an administrator. The moderator's actions are unilateral, meaning a moderator will correct the problem for policy adherence and for completeness as they see fit. The moderator has the option of notifying you via communication method preference you noted on your profile.
  • Enforcement - Yellow cards are given to minor infractions, and red cards are given to escalated and/or severe infractions which may cause you to lose all privileges on this forum. Dependant on the severity of your actions, this guideline for issuing penalty infraction cards may not be used, in which case your account may be terminated and you may be banned from this community.
  • Reinstatement - If you feel you have been wrongly accused of a policy infraction, than your recourse action is to notify the initial moderator and start the reinstatement process. If you can not contact the initial moderator given a 5 day window period, your next step is to contact another moderator; only after you have exhausted all resources in contacting any moderator within a 5 day window period, you may then contact one of the administrators for guidance.

Last Word

These rules and guidelines do not cover every possible outcome, thus problems arising which are not covered here will be handled as per basis.

Palm Tree Community reserves the right to remove, edit, move, or close any thread for any reason. Furthermore, we reserve the right to change or amend these rules and guidelines partially or in it's entirety at any point in time, without notifying you or asking for your consent or approval. Therefore it's important you revisit this policy from time to time, or before making a post, to make sure you are still in agreement with these terms. You may cancel you account at anytime you see fit.

Disclaimer: All messages and forms of communication expressed here are the views of the author, and neither Palm Tree Community or it's affiliates, both known and unknown will be held responsible for the content of any message or forms of communication found on this forum.

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