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Quick Tips on Transplanting

Many people have asked the dire question on how to transplant. There is no one correct method of transplanting a palm tree, however there is a common one. It all depends on the type of palm tree you have, however the following method covers a good ninety-nine percent of them.

Lets first talk about what every palm tree has in common

Heart:  Every palm tree has a heart which can be broken if not properly handled. The heart of the palm tree is located in the center of the palm tree where the fronds or leaves grow. It is important that this area is not bent or broken or else the palm tree can have a stunted growth or even die.

Roots:  Be careful with the root, which is known as the root ball, of the palm tree. When removing the palm tree from the smaller pot, it is best to cut the smaller pot in order not to destroy or disturb the roots.

Fertilizer:  Another good tid-bit of information is regarding the fertilizer which should be placed on the side of the root ball before the palm tree is placed in the hole. Mychorrizal Fungi is an essential additive to improving the success rate of the palm tree while decreasing the risk of transplant shock. Transplant Shock occurs when the roots of the palm tree become hardened due to either being cut or over exposed to air. In either case, transplant shock should be lessened as much as possible by applying the Mycohorrizal fungi to the root ball. Also keep in mind that the root ball should stay intact and not be disturbed or shaken in order for the palm tree to adapt to its new environment.

Anit-Bacteria:  For bacteria not to grow and destroy your palm tree, stay away from planting any part of the palm trees trunk under the ground.

Support:  Supporting the palm tree is also a good idea, try bracing the tree down to a stake to keep it from moving.

Watering:  And most importantly, is watering. Drenching the palm tree in water is a must-do for the next 3 to 4 weeks. Water the palm tree at least everyday and even twice a day for those weeks and the palm tree should have no problem acclimating to its environment.


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