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Artificial Palm Trees
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Artificial Palm Trees

One of the first thoughts that come to mind regarding being kind to the environment is the manufacturing process of an artificial palm tree. Artificial palm trees are given common names such as, pygmy date and bamboo palm tree. Their also, given labels such as, "palm like features" and "like a real palm tree". What most people don't realize is, these labels come with a price tag to the environment. And, just like any non bio-degradable product, metals and plastic harm our environment; from the mfg plants they are built in to the final product.

Not So Advantageous Artificial Palm Trees

Clearly, artificial palm tree bi-products bring more harm than good to the environment. But, the harm to the environment is masked with the over-rated convenience artificial palm trees brings to a customer, such as watering and maintenance. The fact is the majority of real palm trees are also low maintenance, can live indoors, and require little watering. An addition, real palm trees also cost less overall, can reproduce, and are more aesthetically pleasing then artificial palm trees. So when you weigh the most transparent differences, artificial palm trees are not so advantageous.

The Artificial Palm Tree Process, Exposed

Some questions which should be asked before purchasing an artificial palm tree are; how much water does it take to produce an artificial palm tree, what elements are used to construct an artificial palm tree, and most importantly how does the manufacturing process affect our environment and atmosphere. Remember, you don't want to leave these global clean ups, to our next generation.

So what goes into manufacturing steel and plastic in order to create an artificial palm tree? The first process in manufacturing an artificial palm tree is creating steel from natural materials found in earth, which leads to many negative effects, such as deforestation or destruction of an environmental habitat. The plastic is made from crude oil which needs to be pumped out of the earth, which also leads to many negative effects, such as death and dispersion of aquatic and marine wildlife. Both plastic and steel are used to produce an artificial palm tree in contrast with real palm trees which only help the environment; it's like evil vs. good.

Artificial Palm Tree Comparison Chart

The following is a comparison chart outlining features found in real and artificial palm trees:

Real Palm Trees vs Artificial Palm Trees

  Real Palm Trees
Contract Column
  Artificial Palm Trees
Contract Column
Aesthetically Pleasing
Can reproduce
It's the real thing
Low Maintenance


Final Word on Artificial Palm Trees

There are many horror stories deriving from these two by-products (metal and plastic), which affect the planet we live in. Limiting the use of these products will help the environment and our own lives. Its been over 2000 years since Cicero said, "There is no duty more obligatory than the repayment of kindness" and it is true then, as it is today.


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