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Winter Protection for Palms and Plants
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The Winter Protection
Guide for Palm Trees

One to Four Weeks of Protection

Build Time: 15 minutes
Applicable USDA Plant Cold Hardiness Zones: Zones 7 and below
Protection Time: 1 week to 4 months
Last Minute Palm Tree Protection Supplies Needed:
  • Blanket
  • Burlap or grocery-paper bags
  • Christmas lights
  • Leaves
  • Mulch
  • Plastic
  • Box or garbage can depending on the size palm tree you have
  • Tape
  • String

Temporary Box & Wrapping Method: This is a short-term method installed for a few days or left for the whole cold season. For best results changed every 3-4 weeks.

Step 1.
Water the soil around the palm tree; moist soil stays warm longer during a cold snap because water looses heat less rapidly than dry soil. Grab a set of Christmas lights and wrap the palm tree from the trunk all the way to the foliage including the spear(new shoot); when the lights are on, they will generate heat.

Step 2.
Start wrapping the palm tree, starting from the bottom with a burlap type material or taped grocery-paper bags to the end of the trunk. Using this material allows the palm tree to breathe with out suffocating the palm. Avoid using any plastic material which will suffocate the palm tree and create condensation, which could freeze or damage the palm tree. Note: Make sure there are no gaps or openings in the wrapping.

Step 3.
Take the blanket (wool blanket preferably) and wrap the palm tree from the beginning of the trunk or stem to the top of the foliage encompassing the entire palm tree. Use a string to fasten tightly around the blanket wrapping. Leave a slight opening in the wrapping on the top to prevent fungus and to allow sunlight.

Step 4.
Add a thick layer of mulch 3" - 6" that covers the wrapping by a few inches. Add some pesticides to the mulch to keep ants and bugs away. In case of a sever cold snap, cover the palm tree with another blanket, and drape loosely over the entire palm tree. Depending on the severity of the coldness for additional heating add another set of Christmas lights to the floor, as heat rises it will keep the palm tree much warmer. Optionally, you can cover the palm tree with a box or a garbage can to protect the palm tree from harsh winds. Also ensuring the heat and moisture stays with in the shelter for the survival of the palm tree.

Important: Check periodically for fungus or damaging of the palm tree. If weather permits remove the coverings, periodically to allow palm tree to breathe.


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