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Winter Protection for Palms and Plants
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The Winter Protection
Guide for Palm Trees

Two to Four Months of Protection

Build Time: approx. 1 hour
Applicable USDA Plant Cold Hardiness Zones: Zones 7 and below
Protection Time: 2 to 4 Months Protection
Quick Palm Tree Protection Supplies Needed:
  • Tomato Cage for small palms (or)
  • Metal reinforcement mesh for larger palms
  • Bolt cutters
  • Plastic sheeting
  • Plenty of dried leaves
  • Metal Wiring
  • Mulch
  • String

Step 1.
Construct the wire cage from the metal mesh, if tomato cage was not applicable. Cut the metal mesh with the bolt cutters and create a circular shaped fence making sure the cage will cover the palm, with room to spare. The objective is to re-creating a tomato cage but on a larger scale. Large enough to cover the trunk of the palm tree. Once cut and placed together using metal wiring begin the cut or remove the bottom two horizontal rings of the mesh. The remaining prongs will act as the legs to insert into the ground for support.

Step 2.
After assembling the cage grab the plastic sheeting and start lining the sides of the cage at least 2 times. Make sure to leave a fair amount of plastic on the top of the cage and about 6 inches for the bottom. With the excess 6 inches pull sheeting over the legs and poke through the plastic. This will serve as an anchor for the plastic sheeting. Now place the cage over the palm tree and push the legs into the ground. Place mulch on top of the excess plastic on the bottom.

Step 3.
Begin stuffing the cage tightly with the dried leaves or mulch all the way to the top off the cage. When cage is pack tightly fold the excess plastic over the dried leaves or mulch by tying a string around the plastic. Secure tightly. If you feel this will not be sufficient to weather the cold snap, then wrap a blanket around the cage and place another blanket to cover the foliage. For additional warmth add a set of Christmas lights or heating wire around the cage or palm tree.

Note: When the weather warms up, the materials should be removed so as not to promote rot or bacteria build up.


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