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Winter Protection for Palms and Plants
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The Winter Protection
Guide for Palm Trees

Four or More Months of Protection

Build Time: approx. 3 hours
Applicable USDA Plant Cold Hardiness Zones: Zone 5 and below
Protection Time: 4 Four or More Months of Protection
All Winter Palm Tree Protection Supplies Needed:
  • 2"- 3" thick styrofoam boxes or sheet Height is dependant on the height of palm tree.
  • 2 - 3 screw in fluorescent plastic light fixtures and bulbs
  • 5 mil plastic
  • Burlap type material
  • Extension cord
  • Multi-purpose waterproof caulk
  • Knife
  • Tape
  • 2-3 ceiling light bulb kits
  • Plexi glass or Plastic

Step 1. Construction of Shelter
Construct a shelter using styrofoam siding or boxes about 2-3 ft. higher and about 1 ft wider than palm tree.

(Styrofoam Sheets) Begin by cutting out 4 equal sized rectangles for the siding and one for the ceiling. Place siding together using tape for a temporary hold.
(Styrofoam Box's) Begin by cutting out the bottom of each box including the one for the top. Then place them together using tape for a temporary hold.

Caulk the seams of the boxes after building them.
Cover the outside of the walls with 5 mil plastic about 2-3 times.
Cut a hole 2 by 3 ft on the side and top(cover) that will receive the most sun during winter.
Seal the plastic or plexy glass to the side and roof with caulk. The caulk should last for years.
Stud the walls of the styrofoam with 1x4 wood for strength and durability.
Now using a staple gun begin to cover the inside walls with burlap.
Cut 2 vent holes in roof with vent cover.

Step 2. Electrical and lighting
Screw in the Light bulb kits (light fixtures) as directed in the instructions equal distance apart at the top of the box.
Run the wires out through one of the vent holes to the extension cord. Connect and test to see if all is working properly.
Screw in 50-60 watt fluorescent light bulbs to give them enough light through out the winter, incandescent bulbs burn out too quick.

Step 3. Palm Tree Preparation
Use plastic twine or green burlap tree wrap and pulled the fronds together as best as you can before putting the shelter on.
Place mulch around the base 3" - 6" thick of the palm tree to keep the roots from damage.
Watered the palm tree prior to putting the shelter on.
Cover the palm tree with the shelter.
Anchor the shelter to the ground by placing a rope over the shelter and add posts on each side incase of high winds.
Leave the lights on day and night with no timer.
Open the top of my wrap when weather permits.


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