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Q to Z Comparison Chart Description: This tool is very useful in visualizing all palm trees which belong to your specific zone preference. In this chart you can contract and expand USDA Plant Cold Hardiness Zone columns, depending on your zone preference. There are 5 comparison charts, this is the final of five charts.
Common Names: Some popular common palm tree names found in this chart include, Ravenea Palm Tree, Majesty Palm Tree, Needle Palm Tree, Finger Palm Tree, Royal Palm Tree, Cabbage Palm Tree, Thatch Palm Tree, Queen Palm Tree, Windmill Palm Tree, Christmas Palm Tree, California Fan Palm Tree, Mexican Fan Palm Tree, Foxtail Palm Tree, Cardboard Palm Tree, and many more.

Q-Z Botanical Palm Names - USDA Zones Comparison Chart

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Contract Column
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Zone Temp-30 to -20 F-20 to -10 F-10 to 0 F0 - 10 F10 to 20 F20 to 30 F30 to 40 FAbove 40 F
Raphia australis - Kosi Palm Tree
Raphia farinifera - Raffia Palm Tree
Raphia hookeri - Ivory Coast Raffia Palm Tree
Ravenea glauca - Sihara Palm Tree
Ravenea hildebrandtii - Dwarf Majesty Palm Tree
Ravenea madagascariensis - Ravenea Palm Tree
Ravanea madagascariensis var. monticola
Ravenea moorei - Raven Palm Tree
Ravenea rivularis - Majesty Palm Tree
Ravenea robustior - Monimony Palm Tree
Ravenea sambiranensis - Soindro Palm Tree
Reinhardtia gracilis - Window Pane Palm Tree
Reinhardtia simplex - Dwarf Window Pane Palm Tree
Rhapidophyllum hystrix - Needle Palm Tree
Rhapis excelsa - Lady Palm Tree
Rhapis humilis - Slender Lady Palm Tree
Rhapis laoensis - Laos Lady Palm Tree
Rhapis multifida - Finger Palm Tree
Rhapis subtilis - Dwarf Lady Palm Tree
Rhopaloblaste ceramica - Majestic Palm Tree
Rhopaloblaste elegans - Elegant Palm Tree
Rhopaloblaste singaporensis - Kerinting Palm Tree
Rhopalostylis baueri - Norfolk Island Palm Tree
Rhopalostylis cheesemanii - Norfolk Island Palm Tree
Rhopalostylis sapida - Nikau Palm Tree
Roscheria melanochaetes - Latanier Hauban Palm Tree
Roystonea altissima - Mountain Cabbage Palm Tree
Roystonea borinquena - Puerto Rican Royal Palm Tree
Roystonea oleracea - South American Royal Palm Tree
Roystonea priceps
Roystonea elata - Florida Royal Palm Tree
Roystonea regia - Cuban Royal Palm
Roystonea venezuelana - Venzuelanan Royal Palm Tree
Sabal bermudana - Bermuda Palmetto Palm Tree
Sabal blackburniana - Blackburn Palmetto Palm Tree
Sabal causiarum - Puerto Rican Hat Palm Tree
Sabal domingensis - Hispaniola Palmetto Palm Tree
Sabal etonia - Scrub Palmetto Palm Tree
Sabal mauritiiformis - Bay Palmetto Palm Tree
Sabal mexicana - Rio Grande Palmetto Palm Tree
Sabal minor - Dwarf Palmetto Palm Tree
Sabal palmetto - Cabbage Palm Tree
Sabal uresana - Sonoran Palmetto Palm Tree
Sabal yapa - Thatch Palm Tree
Salacca edulis - Salac Palm Tree
Salacca magnifica - Salak Palm Tree
Satakentia liukiuensis - Satake Palm Tree
Scheelea butyracea
Scheelea liebmannii
Scheelea macrocarpa - Attalea Palm Tree
Scheelea maracabensis
Scheelea zonensis
Schippia concolor - Silver Pimento Palm Tree
Serenoa repens - Saw Palmetto Palm Tree
Siphokentia beguinii - Hydria Palm tree
Sommieria affinis - Sommieria Palm Tree
Syagrus amara - Overtop Palm Tree
Syagrus botryophora - Pati Queen Palm
Syagrus campestris
Syagrus cearensis
Syagrus cocoides - Jata Palm Tree, Piririma (Brazil)
Syagrus comosa - Bitter Palm Tree
Syagrus coronata - Licury Palm Tree
Syagrus fairchildensis
Syagrus flexuosa - Acuma Palm Tree
Syagrus glaucescens - Blue Rock Coconut Palm Tree
Syagrus oleracea - Catole Palm Tree
Syagrus orinocensis
Syagrus picrophylla - Lent Coconut Palm Tree
Syagrus romanzoffiana - Queen Palm Tree
Syagrus romanzoffiana X Butia capitata
Syagrus sancona - Columbian Foxtail Palm Tree
Syagrus schizophylla - Arikury Palm Tree
Syagrus stenopetala - Make Up
Syagrus tessmannii - Make Up
Syagrus vagans - Wandering Palm Tree
Syagrus X Butia - Mule Palm Tree
Synechanthus fibrosus - Monkey Tail Palm Tree
Synechanthus warscewiczianus - Palmilla Palm Tree
Trithrinax brasiliensis - Brazilian Needle Palm Tree
Thrinax microcarpa - Key Palm Tree
Thrinax morrisii - Key Thatch Palm Tree
Thrinax parviflora - Broom Palm Tree
Thrinax punctulata
Thrinax radiata - Florida Thatch Palm Tree
Trachycarpus fortunei - Windmill Palm Tree
Trachycarpus latisectus - Windamere Palm Tree
Trachycarpus martianus - Khasia Hills Fan Palm Tree
Trachycarpus takil - Kumaon Palm Tree
Trachycarpus wagnerianus - Miniature Chusan Palm Tree
Trithrinax acanthocoma - Spiny Fiber Palm Tree
Trithrinax campestris - Blue Needle Palm Tree
Veillonia alba - White Crownshaft Palm Tree
Veitchia arecina - Montgomery Palm Tree
Veitchia joannis - Joannis Palm Tree
Veitchia merrillii - Christmas Palm Tree
Veitchia montgomeryana - Montgomery Palm Tree
Veitchia sessifolia
Veitchia spiralis - Kajewskia Palm Tree
Veitchia vitiensis - Veitchia Vitiensis Palm Tree
Verschaffeltia splendida - Stilt Palm Tree
Wallichia densiflora - Dwarf Fishtail Palm Tree
Wallichia disticha - Distichous Fishtail Palm Tree
Washingtonia filifera - California Fan Palm Tree
Washingtonia robusta - Mexican Fan Palm Tree
Welfia regia - Amargo Palm Tree
Wodyetia bifurcata - Foxtail Palm Tree
Wodyetia X Veitchia - Foxy Lady Palm Tree
Zamia furfuracea - Cardboard Palm Tree
Zombia antillarum - Zombie Palm Tree



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