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Windmill Palm - Trachycarpus fortunei
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Windmill Palm
Windmill Palm

Windmill Palm

Palm Name: Windmill Palm - (winD-miL) (palm)
Common Name(s): Chusan palm, Chinese Windmill Palm, Windmill Palm
Botanical Name: Trachycarpus fortunei - (tray-kee-KAR-pus) (FOR-too-nee-eye)
Synonym(s): Chamaerops excelsa hort., Chamaerops fortunei hook
Palm Tree General Description: The Windmill Palm is sometimes referred as the Chinese Windmill Palm and is also known as the Chusan palm. The reason for the Chinese name is given to the region where the Windmill Palm is believed to have been brought from. The Windmill Palm can be found at the foothills of the Himalyan Mountains. As such, the Windmill Palm is a cold hardy palm, which has adapted and acclimated to extreme cold temperatures through-out the year and is one of the cold hardiest of palms. Windmill Palm is tolerant of full sun on well-drained soils, given the right environment. The Windmill Palm along with other plants should be watered regularly. The Windmill Palm looks great as a stand-alone palm tree or encompassed by smaller palms. The Windmill Palm is an exceptional palm tree for colder climates.
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