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Palm Seeds

Welcome to the palm seeds section of Real Palm Trees. We are please to introduce and provide you with a wide selection of palm tree seeds. We offer individual palm seeds, which are multiple palm seeds sold in seed pack(s). We offer palm seeds which have been germinated; these are sold as individual germinated seed pack or as multiple germinated palm seed packs. And, we also offer variety palm seed pack(s); these packs contain an assortment of the most popular palm seeds.

Please, take a moment to browse through our catalog of palm seeds. We offer almost every palm seed in the palm family. We hand pick all palm seeds all year round to ensure you receive the freshest palm seed(s) possible. Here at RPT, we pride ourselves in collecting palm seeds that are pure to its species.

New species of palm seeds are always being added. Be sure to bookmark us to keep yourself informed!

 RPT Palm Seeds - Best Sellers

Top 5 Species of Palm Seeds
The palm seed selection below contains a few of our top selling palm seeds. This palm seed list is updated frequently depending on customer purchases.
Areca Palm Seeds Fiji Fan Palm Seeds King Palm Seeds Carpentaria Palm Seeds Christmas Palm Seeds

Areca Palm Seeds

Fiji Fan Palm Seeds

King Palm Seeds

Carpentaria Palm Seeds

Christmas Palm Seeds

 RPT Palm Seeds - Pick of the Month

Top 5 Species of Palm Seeds
The palm seed selection below contains seasonal pickings of our favorite palm seeds. This palm seed list is updated frequently depending on customer purchases. Please, check back for new additions of palm seeds.
Cuban Royal Palm Seeds Mazari Palm Seeds Majesty Palm Seeds Windmill Palm Seeds Travelers Palm Seeds

Cuban Royal Palm Seeds

Mazari Palm Seeds

Majesty Palm Seeds

Windmill Palm Seeds

Travelers Palm Seeds

 RPT Palm Seeds and Germination Article

General Instructions on How to Germinate Palm Seeds

Step 1. Remove any bits of fruit or particles that may be on the palm seed to insure the growth of your seed or seeds.

Step 2. Place palm seed or seeds in a cup of water and add 5 to 6 droplets of bleach or chlorine and let sit for two days. Replace water once a day.

Step 3. Place soil (well draining) in a sealable container (preferably) or a zip lock bag and place your palm seed or seeds on top of soil.

Step 4. Add a moist paper towel on top of the palm seed or seeds, seal bag or container and let sit in the sun or outside until germination has occurred. Optimal germination temperatures is 80-90 degrees F. Be sure to check twice a week to insure fungus has not started to set. If so please repeat step 1.

Note: These are genereal instructions for germinating palm seeds. If you have more in depth instructions per palm type or general instructions please comment below. Also, palm seed germination might vary from palm seed to palm seed. For further information please visit our Palm Tree Community Forum. The Community Forum is a wealth of information on palm seed germination and related. Germination of a palm seed may take different amounts of time. Please allow a sufficient amount of time for the palm seeds to germinate.

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