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Banana Palm Tree: Small

Banana Palm Tree: Small

Product Review (submitted on November 13, 2015):

I got the banana plant I ordered the company told me that the tree's will actually bear fruit if I put 2 or more together. I guess we will wait and see. so far I have planted them together in a beautiful white container I picked up at the farmers market. I also picked up a pair of fiskars brand heavy duty trimmers for the banana plants as the banana plants require a little maintenance on the trimming. But totally worth having professional trimmers because I also learned that you have to trim these palms if you try and tear off the brown leaves it will rip in to the stem of the banana and leave it bruised. Think of it like someone tearing your skin off your leg! that's how these guys feel so please get some professional grade trimmers if this is the palm you are after. Also, after speaking with customer service they gave me a few tips and instructions on how to keep them alive during the harsh winters up here in Vermont. Obviously take them indoors, palm trees do not survive weather that is under 50 degrees, water every other day if plants are kept inside and not exposed to rain unless you have a cold hardy palm like a cabbage palm or a windmill palm those can survive no matter how cold and I think you water those palms even less. Keep the palm near a window that shows the most light. I personally have mine in the front window next to the front door as it receives the most sunlight there. Some palms however do need as much sunlight as others. If you have any questions about specific palms and specific lighting circumstances for them contact the staff here, they have a lot of knowledge on palm trees. Some questions I felt were silly to ask but very glad that I did because I learned. I really doubted calling because I thought it was impossible to have banana palms in Vermont. But I did and found out I can have some other palms as well. I will write back in a few weeks to let you know how the bananas are doing and if they will bear fruit. bye for now.


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