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Cayman Thatch Palm Tree: Small

Cayman Thatch Palm Tree: Small

Product Review (submitted on November 13, 2015):

Hello Mr Truman,
Excellent choice on the Caymen Thatch Palm the answer to your question is yes we have the Lovely Caymen Thatch Palm available in any size you would like. We have Palm tree experts standing by if you are more comfortable placing your order over the phone dial us at 1-888-RPT-AGRO. If not , we made it easy for you. Just choose the palm tree you would like Small Medium or Large. in your case you would like one 15-18ft. tall to go in front of the window you previously mentioned that stands 19 ft. This is categorized with us as a large and for anything over 6 ft we require you to call and speak with a representative before so that we know you are getting exactly what you want. I will give you an example, we offer the Malayan Coconut Palm tree we have so many different shapes of the Malayan Coconut as they grow out of a coconut and with a curve because over time the wind blows and will create a unique shape that can be used as a multi purpose in the landscape you or the particular client is designing. and example of this would be 2 Malayan Coconut Palms placed side by side can be completely customized and create a circle if curved in opposite directions. however, if you get 2 Malayan palms that stand straight up next to each other separate them 5-6ft apart you can hang a hammock in between them as if it were nature on the beach. So I hope that answered your questions Mr Truman. If you have any other questions or you are still interested the Caymen Thatch Palm please do not hesitate to call 1-888-RPT-AGRO as Palm tree experts are standing by or ask for me Jaime. Thank you for choosing Have a wonderful day! -Jaime M.


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