Did you know?
Real palm trees can grow and thrive in the snow?
The following palm trees are examples of real palm trees living in the cold:
European Fan Palm
European Fan Palm

There are a few real palm trees which thrive in cold weather and the European Fan Palm, loves cool weather. The European Fan Palm is one of the top selling of cold hardy palms; they can survive temperatures at 16 degrees and below.

Cabbage Palm Tree
Cabbage Palm

The cabbage palm is another real palm tree which can live in the cold; it can reach temperatures close to freezing and still live with little to no damage. The Cabbage Palm Tree is also a well known palm tree, for it's low maintenance and fast growth rate.

Windmill Palm
Windmill Palm Tree

The best of our real palm trees and most sought after winter proof palm. The Windmill Palm Tree can withstand temperatures reaching down to the teens. The 8-inch thick trunk is covered in brown fibers and old leaf bases to create its own insulation and protection from the cold.